Improving Starlink Internet Reliability – What Users Do

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The Problem with Starlink Internet: Reliability Is “Better Than Nothing”So you’re using (or thinking of getting) Starlink Internet – congratulations, you’re one of the pioneers of the new age of satellite Internet. With up to 333 Mbps download speed, 38 Mbps upload and 27 ms latency (source), Starlink Internet is definitely much better than what you can get now in … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Working from Home in Rural America

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Most Americans Can’t Work Remotely from Rural Areas Because of Bad InternetThe new “work from home” paradigm imposed by the Coronavirus crisis outlines the Internet issues all across the world. That’s because remote work today needs more than just a poor satellite, DSL or cable connection: video conferencing (Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, etc.) is used not only for business purposes, but also for education; … Read More

How to Use Your Computer as a Bonded DSL Modem Wireless Router

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Already Have Bonded DSL Installed and Looking for a Good Modem? When you connect to the Internet using a DSL type connection, the broadband might not be enough for you.  Here are just a few activities where a regular broadband connection just isn’t enough: online audio streaming,  video streaming,  online gaming  Throw in potential ISP throttling issues on top of the above … Read More

Turn Your PC Into a Bonded DSL Modem / Router

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Looking for Bonding VDSL / ADSL Modems / Wireless Routers? Your PC Can Do That with the Right Software Do you connect to the Internet using a DSL type connection? Between ISP throttling issues and the increasing amount of bandwidth usage from things like music streaming, video streaming, and data intensive games and apps a regular broadband connection just isn’t enough for many people. One solution is … Read More

How to Combine 3 Internet Connections at Once

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Combine Wi-Fi, Cellular, Fiber, Cable, DSL, Satellite and Other Connection Types If you’re thinking of combining 3 Internet connections simultaneously, it’s probably because you need more bandwidth or a more stable Internet connection. Before we created Speedify, there was no easy way to do this. Now, all you need are three or more Internet connections from different upstream networks. Then, … Read More

How to Get Faster DSL Internet: Combine with Tethered Phone

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Your Guide to DSL Speed Tweaks: Add a Tethered Phone Connection for Faster Internet Need a faster DSL connection and you don’t have access to any other form of broadband Internet that is faster (cable, fiber), then we recommend using your own mobile phone’s cellular data connection together with your existing DSL connection. This will certainly speed things up for … Read More