Fast and Reliable Internet for Professional Streaming on iPhone

Can You Stream Video at a Professional Level with an iPhone 12 or Newer?

Most professional streamers agree that the iPhone 12 can match most DSLR cameras for professional video streaming. And it's not only the camera specs - ultra wide lens, capable of delivering 10 bit HDR video at 4k resolution / 60 fps.

Here's another reason why the iPhones 12 and newer are gaining momentum with professional live streamers: it saves them from having to carry additional equipment for streaming - the camera itself, bag, power banks, etc. The iPhone is already there in their pocket.

When it comes to professional live streaming, a crucial element is Internet connectivity. It is what makes and breaks a successful and high quality live streaming video. Dedicated live streaming cameras are used most times with other dedicated streaming hardware that aggregates 2 or more Internet connections for faster, more reliable Internet.

LiveU and Peplink are just two companies that offer such Internet bonding solutions. But then, if you're going for professional streaming on iPhone 12 or newer, you need a "slim-fit" solution for Internet connectivity. This article shares how Speedify can help with that.

Reliable Internet Connectivity: Essential for Professional Streaming from iPhone 12 and Newer

A video professional's streaming kit should definitely include a solution for fast and reliable Internet. This is usually done through dedicated bonding hardware - a powered "box" where you plug in several cellular SIM cards / USB dongles and other types of Internet connections.

That hardware uses channel bonding technology to combine all Internet connections together in order to create a "super-pipe" for the live streaming video. The way it works is you connect your streaming device / camera to the Wi-Fi hotspot created by that bonding hardware  and you start broadcasting live video online.

The most convenient way to do that when you're live streaming from your iPhone 12 or newer is to use a software-only bonding solution like Speedify.

How to Get Fast and Reliable Internet when Streaming from iPhone

When you're live streaming from your iPhone 12 or newer, it's only natural to have all the streaming elements on your smartphone. This includes any accessories, the live streaming app and the Internet bonding solution.

Speedify is a software-only bonding solution you can run directly on your iPhone when live streaming. It combines your Wi-Fi and cellular connections together simultaneously to deliver fast and reliable Internet connectivity. If you've got a wired Ethernet connection at hand, you can even toss that in the mix as well and have 3 connections combined on your iPhone.

When compared to the dedicated hardware bonding solutions (e.g. LiveU, Peplink, Mushroom Networks), here are the benefits Speedify brings to the table:

  • it's completely portable - you don't need additional power or a bag to carry it. It runs on your iPhone directly.
  • you can move up to 1 Gbps of data, which can help with your file transfer tasks along with the actual professional live stream.
  • it delivers a much higher value for money, with monthly subscriptions starting at $3.

Speedify Provides Best Bonded Internet Solution when Doing Professional Streaming from Your iPhone 12 or Newer

Speedify is a fast bonding VPN that allows you to use all of your Internet connections at the same time, providing speed, stability and security. As long as you're connected to more than one ISP, chances are you will not get disconnected completely from the Internet, thanks to Speedify's automatic failover protection.

Creating an Internet "super-pipe" that provides increased speed and reliability on your iPhone is especially important when:

  • working remotely - you will stop getting pixelated video or buffering in video conferences, as well as being in touch with your colleagues in real time, not waiting for messages or attachments to go through.
  • live streaming - Speedify actually prioritizes live streams over other types of Internet traffic. So your Twitch, YouTube or other streams should be protected.
  • online gaming - you will not lose the game because of an Internet glitch or be thrown out of the game because of laggy Internet.

And that's why Speedify is the best Internet connectivity solution for professional streaming on iPhone.

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