How to Communicate Freely with Your Family from Anywhere

Stay in Touch with Your Loved Ones at Any Time. Use a VPN for Families

What are you using to talk to your family? Do you have a group on WhatsApp? Or maybe FaceTime? Regardless of which communication platform you use, you need to make sure your messages reach your loved ones.

When traveling or when connecting from networks on campus or at work, certain services can be blocked. So you won’t be able to join your family discussion. And they might get worried, which is not cool at all.

The solution to communicate freely with your family from anywhere is simple: use a VPN. Read below for more details.

Why Are Services Blocked on Certain Networks?

This depends on what kind of restrictions are in place and also who blocks the services.

At its highest level, Internet censorship can occur at the country level and can be ongoing or temporary. News websites, social networks and communication platforms are mostly “sacrificed” in this case – just look at China.

But services can be blocked locally as well. The best example would be campus or office networks. They restrict access to websites like YouTube, WhatsApp, Snapchat or Facebook for both bandwidth and productivity reasons.

When you’re traveling or on the go and using public Wi-Fi hotspots, these might have restrictions in place as well. Mostly for bandwidth reasons, as many people connect to those.

Bottom line – if you and your family are using a communication platform which is restricted on certain networks, you won’t be able to join the discussion.

How to Communicate Freely with Your Family Anywhere, Anytime: Just Use a VPN

Blocking certain services is done by ISPs by “sniffing” (identifying) your traffic. For example, when you’re using WhatsApp, you’re connecting to certain IP addresses via certain ports. A VPN fixes that – it encrypts all traffic going from your device to the Internet. This way, nobody can identify which websites or services you are using. So they cannot block WhatsApp, FaceTime, Snapchat, etc.

The free communication with your family anywhere and anytime should be enough of a reason to get a VPN family plan. But a VPN can help you with more:

As VPNs slow down your Internet due to the way they’re built, you should definitely look for a bonding VPN family plan. You will then be sure that your group video calls will not buffer or disconnect due to slow Internet

So then it’s settled: to communicate freely with your family, get a bonding VPN family plan – see what Speedify has to offer!

Your Family Deserves to Be Protected Online and Get Uninterrupted Internet

Speedify is the best online “circle of trust” you can get for your family. It’s not only a fully featured VPN, but it’s also a channel bonding solution. Translated, this means that you get both a safer and better Internet. No sacrificing one for the other.

At almost the cost of two individual monthly subscriptions, the Speedify for Families plan supports 5 users, each with up to 5 devices. You definitely get a better deal per user if you have kids.

Protecting the online privacy and activities of your family members protects all your shared resources and information. Plus, everybody benefits from fast and stable Internet for browsing, snapping, streaming or chatting. Which makes it a happy modern age family!

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