Use a PartyPoker VPN To Ensure Your Security

Playing PartyPoker with Speedify VPN: 
Protection, Internet Stability, and Privacy

Poker songs, The Gambler, Pokerface, et al, they get us feeling good about the action. Here’s a good list to have ready to go for your next session on Partypoker. Now you can set the mood at your home casino complete with mood music.

Online Poker, along with other gaming options, is very productive and worth billions of dollars every year. One of the OG is Partypoker which has been around since 2001.  

When playing on Partypoker be sure you control your internet connection from causing a Streamergency during your gaming session. Enjoy the added benefit of having a VPN for protection as well. You definitely want your funds that are transferred back and forth protected! Keep reading this article for why Speedify is that Ace you have been waiting for to complete your best hand without having to fold them, hold them, walk away or run.

4 Things to Remember When Playing Partypoker on a VPN

As mentioned above, security is the main reason why you'd want to use a VPN while playing cash money on Partypoker. You want to know that your money is safe, right? A VPN can help with that. It encrypts all your traffic over the Internet between you and Partypoker. This means that communication is safe from hackers, who might be using dedicated programs such as packet sniffers or man-in-the-middle attacks.

Another reason why you would use a Partypoker VPN is when your Internet is restricted to access the website. You might be connected to the office network, campus network or your country might engage in Internet censorship. Given that a VPN encrypts all traffic, the network admins will not know which websites you're accessing. So, you will be able to unblock restricted content and play online poker.

When you're traveling abroad and want to play Partypoker, you might not be able to connect to Partypoker. You might even get your account frozen / temporarily suspended pending ID proof. This happens because they detect an IP address from a foreign country. A VPN solves this issue if you connect to a VPN server within your region or country. It is also advisable to send Partypoker an upfront notice when doing this.

The fourth (but not last) reason for using a VPN when playing Partypoker is to get more stable Internet connectivity. Not all VPNs can help with this, you have to look for a bonding VPN - that is a VPN that allows you to use all of your Internet connections at once. By doing that, if one of the connections drops, you won't lose the current hand at poker or be ejected when you're holding 4 kings. And that's because a bonding VPN will seamlessly transfer the traffic to the other working connection(s) while maintaining the current session. It doesn't get any better than this!

They Say VPN's Can Slow Your Connection Down?
TLDR; Not Speedify VPN! In Fact, Speedify Improves Your Internet Speed and Reliability

Worried that your Internet connection is going to drop in the worst moment while playing Partypoker? Then get a bonding VPN such as Speedify, which allows you to combine all of your available connections into one super-pipe that's faster and more reliable.

On the security part, Speedify provides protection against DDoS attacks that target poker players. If you have been targeted before, you might also think about getting your own dedicated server for online games.

If you think you don't have any other connections available, here are a few ideas:

  • on your smartphone, you can combine Wi-Fi and cellular together.
  • on your computer, you can use the Ethernet or Wi-Fi from the home network with a USB cellular dongle and/or your tethered smartphone.

Speedify automatically recognizes all active connections on your device and intelligently combines them to keep you online while maintaining the session. Even if one of your connections drops, Speedify will seamlessly transition the traffic to the other(s) before that happens, so you won't even know it happened.

Protect Your Partypoker Account With Speedify!

First of all - make sure you read the Partypoker VPN policy - see the first section of this article. With that in mind, here are four tips that should help you enjoy online poker in full security with the best available Internet connectivity:

  1. Use a dedicated server. You'll get a dedicated IP (static IP address), so you won't have to contact Partypoker each time you change the server.
  2. For security reasons, deposit only the amount you need and cash out as often as you can. This way, even if somebody hacks your Partypoker account, you won't lose (a lot of) funds.
  3. Use a VPN with a kill switch. If something happens and you disconnect from the VPN server, your real IP address and location will be revealed, and you might not even notice it. That puts you in danger security-wise, as well as at risk of having your account temporarily suspended pending further investigation.

There you go, folks! That's how you can protect your Partypoker account through a VPN. Focus on your Partypoker game and let us take care of your internet stability and security.

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