How to Fix Slow Hotspot Shield VPN Connection Speeds

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Experiencing Slow Internet Speed with Hotspot Shield? Here’s How to Fix It Hotspot Shield is a VPN app designed to help keep your data safe and secure. But, more often than not, using Hotspot Shield can slow down your internet experience. This is not only extremely frustrating, but it can also harm your productivity, especially if you are working on a tight … Read More

How to Fix Slow Pandora Streaming and Stop Buffering

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Having Trouble Streaming Pandora? Whether you listen to Pandora to help you get through the workday or as a way to find better music than the radio stations play, one of the best features of the music streaming service is you can take it almost anywhere. But even with a solid internet connection you’ll occasionally experience buffering, connection problems, and … Read More

How to Combine Multiple Internet Connections

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Combining Multiple Internet Connections the Easy Way with Speedify Do you have two or more Internet connections available from different ISPs? Then you can combine them into one super fast pipe. Best of all – you can combine multiple Internet connections without any extra router hardware or being tech savvy! With Speedify you can easily use multiple Internet connections simultaneously for … Read More

How to Fix Flaky WiFi on Amtrak

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The solution to slow and unreliable Amtrak WiFi Lets call a spade a spade – Amtrak wifi is awful. It’s so bad it’s a practically a meme. Do any of these recent headlines sound familiar to you: The Why of Sucky Wifi on Amtrak Trains Wifi Woes Plague Amtrak on Northeast Corridor Amtrak Wifi: So Slow It Might as Well … Read More

How to Protect Yourself From Ransomware Attacks

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Protect yourself from WannaCry, Cryptolocker and other Ransomware Attacks Just this past week over 200,000 computers were hit by a widespread ransom attack dubbed “WannaCry.” It has become a major subject of discussion worldwide, as it struck at an unprecedented scale, infecting PCs running Windows in more than 150 countries. Many major companies and organizations including the UK’s NHS, Renault, … Read More