Is Starlink Worth It? Here’s Real World Testing Data

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Starlink Satellite Internet Is Fast, but Needs Seamless Failover to Improve ReliabilityA couple of months ago we got our own Starlink for RV. We all became obsessed with Starlink here at Speedify – putting it to the toughest real world tests for connectivity and live streaming. We’re still doing that – in fact, you can check out our live stream … Read More

How to Get More Reliable Starlink Internet

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Use Starlink Together with a Secondary Connection with SpeedifyStarlink is a great Internet option for those who live in remote areas and where the other ISPs don’t offer high speed connectivity. According to various Reddit threads, as of the end of 2022, Starlink download and upload speeds can go as high as a few hundred Mbps. Ookla reported data for … Read More

[SOLVED] Starlink Internet Not Working – What to Do

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Starlink Connected Without Internet – How to FixThe  Starlink by SpaceX is a constellation made out of thousands of small satellites orbiting the Earth works in conjunction with ground transceivers to offer broadband Internet in remote areas especially. It consists of: satellites – planned to be deployed over 42,000 in the next few decades. dedicated ground stations (relays), which are linked … Read More

IRL Live Streaming to Twitch with StreamYard Made Easy

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How to Live Stream IRL on Twitch Using StreamYardMany IRL live streamers use StreamYard as their live streaming studio software. It’s very flexible, easy to use and allows you to grow your audience with a single stream to multiple platforms. This is very important if you’re just starting out live streaming, but also if you have reached a plateau on your … Read More

How to Fix Restream Internet Connectivity Issues

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Troubleshooting Live Streaming Restream Issues Starts with Internet ConnectivityRestream helps millions of live streamers all over the world spread their content on multiple social platforms at the same time. It is definitely one of the most powerful live streaming platforms at the moment. Restream can be used for free and it also has some paid tiers, that bring some extra features. … Read More

How to Combine Multiple 4G LTE Connections for Speed and Reliability

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Combine Two or More Cellular Internet Connections While Live Streaming or Working RemotelyWhether you’re working or just having fun on the Internet, you need a fast and stable connection in order to be productive and relaxed. This can generally be achieved using your home or office Internet connection – be it wired Ethernet or Wi-Fi. But what if you don’t … Read More