How SD-WAN Gives Businesses a Competitive Advantage

What is SD-WAN and How Does It Help with Internet Connectivity?

In this hyper-competitive global economy with shrinking margins, even a slight edge can be the difference between dominating your industry and struggling to stay in business. One of the biggest challenges many businesses face is adequate connectivity.

SD-WAN, short for Software-Defined Wide Area Network, is a way to separate networking hardware from traffic management and monitoring mechanisms. This results in addressing Internet connectivity issues such as network congestion, jitter, packet loss and service outages. It gives businesses a competitive edge by increasing bandwidth and network reliability.

SD-WAN Main Purpose: Connectivity is More Important Than Ever

It used to be that companies hosted all of their data, vital business systems, and other software on a local server. But, the increased complexity of the software and the rapidly falling costs of cloud servers have seen most businesses to transfer some, if not all, of their essential systems to the cloud.

This has made having a fast, stable and secure Internet connection more important than ever. However, more and more employees are operating outside of offices with access to enterprise-quality high speed Internet. This is especially problematic for:

  • Entertainment companies
  • News organizations
  • Software developers
  • B2B video service providers
  • Network operators
  • MVNOs

If you have remote teams or mobile customers, you have the additional challenge of maintaining secure connections in sometimes remote places with unreliable Wi-Fi. Most mobile devices do a horrible job of juggling LTE and Wi-Fi connections.

Channel Bonding Hardware Solutions are Expensive and Impractical

For years businesses have solved the problem of inadequate bandwidth with channel bonding hardware. The hardware would combine multiple Internet connections into a single fast pipe. However, this hardware is complex, and expensive to install and maintain. It can be a good solution for a permanent branch office, but it doesn’t help solve the issues remote teams face with their mobile devices.

The channel bonding hardware can’t help with someone’s laptop or smartphone who is half a world away from the nearest company office.

Remote Work and Security Issues Related to Internet Connectivity

Today’s mobile workforce is not tethered to desktop computers behind corporate firewalls. They’re going straight to the Internet via LTE or via any public Wi-Fi hotspot they can find. When this means they are connecting  laptops and mobile devices to public Wi-Fi networks, this represent a security threat to the businesses.

Speedify Delivers SD-WAN that Gives Your Business a Competitive Advantage

The solution to both the issues of needing more bandwidth and increasing security of remote team’s communications is the same: Speedify.

Speedify is a software solution for channel bonding. It is also a next-generation VPN.

The Speedify app delivers enterprise-level SD-WAN coverage so that your  team has all the bandwidth they need on every device. Platforms include Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and Linux.  

The Speedify mobile app can also be used by mobile network operators and MVNOs for secure and reliable network offloading. This frees up network bandwidth and makes the network’s customers happier with the performance of their network and devices.

Speedify enterprise solutions delivers:

  • High efficiency channel bonding
  • Advanced VPN security
  • Reliable mobile connections

Speedify saves your company money, increases your ability to serve your customers, and makes all of your communications and digital operations more secure.

That is more than just a slight edge. Speedify’s SD-WAN gives you a strong competitive advantage.

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Speedify is the only app that combines your wifi, cellular, wired, and even your friend’s phone signals – and turns them into one ultra-fast and super secure link that keeps you all connected for the best possible live streaming, video calling, or just posting to your favorite app.


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