How to Fix Slow Internet in Australia and Eliminate Disconnects

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Life in the Slow Lane of Internet: the Australia Case Study

If you’re living in Australia or are just visiting, you’re aware of the poor Internet speeds you get there. How did Australia end up with such ridiculously slow Internet and what can one do to fix that?

See below to understand why the Southern continent has such terribly slow Internet, plagued by disconnections, and also how to fix slow Internet in Australia.

The Facts About Internet in Australia

In order to fix slow Internet in Australia, we have to understand the context. According to the latest available State of the Internet Connectivity Report by Akamai (Q1, 2017):

  • the average connection speed in Australia is 11.1 Mbps, a 26% increase year-over-year, ranking as 50th globally
  • the average peak connection speed is 55.7 Mbps, ranking 64 in the world
  • mobile connectivity is faster on average, with 15.7 Mbps
  • only 81% of Australians have a 4 Mbps or above Internet connection, with just 35% connected on 10 Mbps or above lines, and 19% on 15 Mbps or above.

Australia has a state controlled project, National Broadband Network (NBN), whose mission is to advance the country’s broadband infrastructure. Most of the operating Internet service providers in Australia also use the NBN developed infrastructure to provide either DSL, Cable or Fibre Internet.

The most important Internet service providers in Australia are:

  • Telstra – owning the majority of landline infrastructure
  • Optus – controlling the rest of landline infrastructure

Why Causes Internet to Be Slow in Australia and Why Do Disconnects Happen?

As seen above, the Internet speeds in Australia are pretty slow. The most important causes for that are:

  • broadband technologies are underdeveloped; that’s what NBN is trying to solve. Most of the existing broadband infrastructure is based on old copper telephony network lines.
  • in terms of mobile connectivity, most networks provide 3G data connectivity using HSDPA over 3GSM
  • most Australan ISPs use a form of data throttlingtraffic shaping, with connection speeds between 64 kbps and 256 kbps
  • Australia’s international Internet transit capacity is going through undersea fiber-optic communication cables to Asia and the United States, with 2 main interconnection nodes in Perth and the Sydney region. If one of those cables is damaged, the speed will be drastically reduced.

Read below to learn how easy it is to fix slow Internet in Australia with the help of a simple app.

How to Fix Slow Internet in Australia with Speedify

The best solution to get faster, more stable Internet in Australia is to use two or more connections at the same time. Speedify is the fast bonding app for your computer or mobile device that can fix slow Internet in Australia by using channel bonding technology to bond 2 or more Internet connections. This way, you get more bandwidth, lower latency and a more stable Internet in Australia. You will even be able to live stream online on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Live to your audience or stream the World Cup matches without buffering or disconnects!

For best results with Speedify, you need at least 2 different network connections:

Speedify has two server locations in Australia: Perth and Sydney, with several servers on each one. The app works on computers running Windows and macOS, and on mobile devices running Android and iOS.

With Speedify You Also Get Internet Security Along with Speed and Stability in Australia

Speedify was built ground up as a mobile VPN, to take care of all three Internet issues: speed, reliability and security. Using fast encryption, Speedify secures your online traffic from hackers and keeps you protected even on public WiFi networks. Plus, it doesn’t keep any logs about your online activities!

Another important thing is that using Speedify will make you immune to data throttling, as ISPs cannot snoop in on your traffic and restrict it on certain activities, such as online gaming.

If you’re looking for a solution on how to fix slow Internet in Australia – you found it: Speedify! Get it now!


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