Your Ultimate Guide to Combining Multiple Internet Connections

How to Combine Two or More Internet Connections

If you have access to two or more Internet links from different ISPs, it’s only natural you look how to combine multiple Internet connections into one super fast pipe. You don’t have to spend countless hours finding ways to merge your backup Internet connection so you can benefit from maximum speed; you don’t even have to be tech savvy or use dedicated hardware that is expensive and inefficient.

With Speedify you can easily use multiple Internet connections simultaneously for their combined speed and reliability and get a real high speed broadband connection. Everything including uploads, downloads, web browsing, and streaming video can be accelerated with our unique software-based channel bonding technology.

Why Combine Multiple Internet Connections?

Combining multiple Internet connections gives you a faster and more reliable Internet connection. Outside of the increased bandwidth and lower latency, Speedify not only allows you to have these multiple connections on your desktop or mobile device, but it also works in the background monitoring the quality of your signal, and routing data as needed.

Speedify has automatic failover, meaning that if one connection goes bad, it automatically reroutes all the data through the remaining connection until another connection comes online.

All of this happens automatically in the background without your involvement. So, you won’t skip a beat and will be able to focus on your work or enjoyment rather than finding a working Internet connection!

When Combine Two or More Internet Connections?

There are a few scenarios where combining two or more Internet connections will save your day, literally!

Streaming Videos FROM the Internet Without Buffering of Interruptions
Have you ever tried to watch a YouTube, Facebook or Twitch video on your phone or laptop but been faced with constant buffering and lag? If you were able to add a second Internet connection to work together with the first, you would not only get faster download and upload speeds but a steady enough connection to enjoy the video without interruption.

Best Quality Live Streaming Videos TO YouTube, Facebook Live and SnapChat
When streaming live from your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone on social media platforms such as Facebook Live, YouTube, SnapChat and others, you need your friends and followers to get the best quality non-choppy video, without any jitter. Your smartphone or tablet can work with a single connection at a time: WiFi or mobile data. But it you could use both, your videos would be better and you would not get disconnected.

Streaming Online Games to Twitch

Twitter is full of bandwidth-related Twitch complaints. Almost everybody who’s an eSports fan and streams to Twitch has had an issue with their connection bandwidth. Essentially, being able to combine multiple Internet connections gives you a competitive advantage for online gaming: lower latency, higher bandwidth and being sure you will not be dropped (disconnected) from the game.

Doing Business while Traveling – Road Warriors
How many times did your Skype business calls disconnect in the middle of the call or at least had moments when you could not understand what the others were saying? You need a reliable and fast Internet connection when moving, as the trainbus or airport WiFi hotspots are usually spotty.

Combining Multiple Internet Connections for Dummies – the Speedify Advantage

The Speedify solution to combine multiple Internet connections is unique given it’s software-only and there’s nobody else that can do this only with software. You don’t need to be an expert or have any previous technical knowledge to combine two or more Internet connections with Speedify:

  • Speedify does not require you spending any extra money on additional hardware equipment such as load balancing routers or expensive dedicated channel bonding solutions to combine multiple Internet connections
  • You don’t have to be a Windows, Android, macOS or iOS expert and fiddle around the advanced networking settings. Even if you were, this won’t help you actually combine connections.
  • You can get started with Speedify in less than 60 seconds on all your devices, as it supports major operating systems for both desktop PCs and mobile phones.

Your Guide to Combining Multiple Internet Connections with Speedify

Speedify can take advantage of practically any Internet connection that your computer of mobile device is able to connect to, including DSL, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G devices, satellite links and tethered smartphones.

If your device or network requires additional configuration (such as running dialer software for mobile broadband networks or logging into captive portals on Wi-Fi and Ethernet networks at hotels or airports) as soon as you perform the required steps Speedify will be start using it.

Here are some tutorials for combining different types of Internet connections:

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